Tarkington Primary Staff

Dear TPS Staff: You are the embodiment of people whose careers are truly a calling, and your dedication, tenacity, and commitment to students are priceless! We appreciate you for all that you do! CONGRATULATIONS to Tarkington Primary School for their outstanding academic improvement. As you’re all aware, primary schools with a PK-3 campus are unfairly represented in our current accountability system–their ratings are reported solely on the two days in April when 3rd graders take a reading test and a math test. In September of 2019, Tarkington Primary received an accountability rating of F overall, and Comprehensive Improvement was required. This meant the creation of a District Coordinator of School Improvement to oversee all administrative operations, the creation of a Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP), a TEA monitor who requires quarterly meetings to review and discuss the TIP, mandatory trainings for all Instructional Team Leaders–who are campus administrators and teachers–, hours and hours of data meetings to strategically target areas of achievement gaps, implement best practices in teaching strategies, evaluate their effectiveness, and repeat …. And just when processes and procedures were taking hold with a Reading Coach, data-driven instruction meetings, and additional intervention for students…COVID hit in March, just 6 months into the turn-around. In 2019-2020, TPS lost its opportunity to show any improvement in spite of our concerted efforts and commitments. We were crushed…but a shot of inspiration arrived just in time! After leading Tarkington High School and supporting the graduating class of 2020 under COVID constraints, Mrs. Lisa Stephens decided she needed to take TPS’s accountability F and make it an A…and that’s just where she’s headed! In April of 2021, the campus had 100% of 3rd graders take the STAAR math and reading tests. When results came in and we saw huge improvements in reading and math, we were ecstatic…but it would be months, fall of 2021 actually, before we would learn that we were actually going to receive the ACCEPTABLE rating we’d earned and the chance to break consecutive years of monitoring! The time has finally arrived for us to CELEBRATE OUR TARKINGTON PRIMARY PRINCIPAL, TEACHERS, STAFF, STUDENTS, AND PARENTS FOR AN AMAZING-JOB-WELL-DONE!!